Paul Collier: We are living a tragedy

​How to heal deep rifts in society

November 29 2018 / New Statesman

National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy by Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell

An age of upheaval

October 21 2018 / Sunday Times

Why the left are now more forgiving of Ed Miliband

It was poignant sitting opposite the man whose ambition it had been to remake capitalism for an age of austerity

September 5 2018 / New Statesman

John McDonnell: The Hard Man of the Left

From Marxist ideologue to shadow chancellor, Corbyn’s intellectual guru and closest ally has long been reviled. But now that power is in sight – and faced with a possible Labour split – his passion is turning to pragmatism

September 5 2018 / New Statesman

VS Naipaul: The king of literary rootlessness

Not since Conrad had a novelist so completely absorbed himself in the shifting complexities of his age, or written more sharply about the dark places of the world.

August 13 2018 / New Statesman

England Rising

How the World Cup and Gareth Southgate’s young, diverse team reawakened a sense of progressive English nationalism

July 4 2018 / New Statesman

England Dreaming

​A World Cup summer stirs a deep nostalgia in the English

June 20 2018 / New Statesman

What's really behind the blockade of Qatar?

Doha Notebook: inside the upstart Gulf kingdom

May 3 2018 / New Statesman

Crumbling Britain

The age of austerity and the decay of the public realm

April 19 2018 / New Statesman

Bryan Magee: The Restless Philosopher

Broadcaster, politician, author and poet, Magee once occupied many prominent roles. Now, in old age, he lives in one room in a nursing hospital – yet he remains wonder-struck by ultimate questions

April 5 2018 / New Statesman

New Town Blues

The three men had been drinking for several hours by the time they arrived at The Stow shopping centre in Harlow. It was approaching midnight on a warm bank holiday weekend towards the end of August. What happened next would reverberate around the world ...

April 1 2018 / Granta

Ernest Hecht: The end of an era

​The last great emigre publisher in London

February 22 2018 / New Statesman