England Rising

How the World Cup and Gareth Southgate’s young, diverse team reawakened a sense of progressive English nationalism

July 4 2018 / New Statesman

England Dreaming

​A World Cup summer stirs a deep nostalgia in the English

June 20 2018 / New Statesman

What's really behind the blockade of Qatar?

Doha Notebook: inside the upstart Gulf kingdom

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Crumbling Britain

The age of austerity and the decay of the public realm

April 19 2018 / New Statesman

Bryan Magee: The Restless Philosopher

Broadcaster, politician, author and poet, Magee once occupied many prominent roles. Now, in old age, he lives in one room in a nursing hospital – yet he remains wonder-struck by ultimate questions

April 5 2018 / New Statesman

Ernest Hecht: The end of an era

​The last great emigre publisher in London

February 22 2018 / New Statesman

Nigel Farage: The arsonist in exile

​As the Brexiteers cry betrayal, will the former leader of Ukip settle for life as an alt-right shock jock or return as the head of a new English nationalist movement?

December 7 2017 / New Statesman

David Brooks: A hesitant radical in the age of Trump

Politics is a competition between partial truths

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The struggles of Theresa May

​What happened to the politics of the common good?

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Smiley, Brexit and Europe

​John le Carré and the citizen of nowhere

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Arsene Wenger's fear of the void

​There is something rotten in the culture of Arsenal football club

September 1 2017 / Evening Standard

The masochism premiership of Theresa May

​An epic tale of hubris and humiliation

July 13 2017 / New Statesman