The Labour wars

​Jeremy Corbyn is the symptom of the party’s critical malaise - not its cause

August 22 2016 / The Daily Telegraph

Nostalgia, poetry and the spirit of England

​The dominant tone of English discourse is one of regret

August 20 2016 / Financial Times

Housman Country: Into the heart of England, by Peter Parker

The impossibility of love

August 19 2016 / Financial Times

David Cameron's epic failure

​The former prime minister is one of the guilty men of Brexit

July 13 2016 / New Statesman

The steely resolve of Mrs May

​David Cameron’s doomed European wager

July 7 2016 / New Statesman

Brexit, betrayal and English football

​What Nietzsche knew

June 30 2016 / New Statesman

The New Young Fogeys

​Are we entering a period of social repair?

June 19 2016 / BBC Radio 4, Analysis

The "left behind" want out of Europe

​Labour MPs are spooked by Brexit fears

June 16 2016 / New Statesman

They don't drink, smoke or go clubbing: they are the new young fogeys

​Was it more fun being young in the 1980s?

June 13 2016 / The Times

​Michael Sandel: politics and morality

The energy of the Brexiteers and Donald Trump is born of the failure of elites

June 13 2016 / New Statesman

The rise of the New Young Fogeys

​Why millennials are the best behaved generation since the 1960s

June 9 2016 / New Statesman

Zero K, by Don DeLillo

​The end of times

May 13 2016 / Financial Times